Empowering Mobile Network
Operators in a Digital Age

Empowering Mobile Network Operators in the Digital Age

Sedona harnesses blockchain and AI to equip the telecom industry with next-generation fraud management and digital financial services.


Sedona FMS

Sedona Fraud Management System (Sedona FMS) is a powerful and flexible data analytics platform that leverages mobile network data to make financial and other digital services safer and easier to use. Sedona FMS is focused on improving digital services, particularly making blockchain based transactions safe in realtime. Sedona FMS is an augmented AI managed service, operated by Sedona's team of expert fraud and security analysts and data scientists, and run on a machine learning engine optimized for mobile telecommunications data.

Optimized for mobile telecommunications operators

Realtime AI-based fraud detection and analysis

Fraud coverage for traditional and digital services

Digital payments fraud management (MFS2.0)

Telecom data API for digital payment risk scoring

Integration of telecom, financial and blockchain data


Digital Financial Services

Ushering MNOs into the next generation of digital finance

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Telcoin Network integration and support

Digital asset application development (MFS2.0)

Blockchain-based payment system integration

Digital cash (stablecoin) remittances

About Sedona

With presence in four continents and headquartered in Tokyo, Sedona was founded by leaders in the field of telecom Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and Mobile Financial Services. We brought together a best-in-breed team of professionals with extensive industry experience that harnesses the latest technologies in data analytics, AI/ML and blockchain.

We are at the nexus of telecommunications and blockchain-based financial services, helping GSMA mobile network operators run blockchains as a network layer, leveraging telecom data to secure digital asset transactions from fraudulent activity. Our solutions are offered as managed services and can be very quickly deployed just as they can be easily scaled, to compliment growth. We take pride in our customer support and ability to be nimble and rapidly deploy to meet the market-specific needs of our customers.

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